Who am I?

Hello everyone and welcome!

My name is Eugena, I’m a photographer and food blogger, living in Stockholm, where I moved about 4 years ago, and I fell in love with this city!

What do I do?

I love to photograph, for many years now I have been photographing food, ingredients and drinks, first for my blog, and then for micro stocks and for sale. I love to create beautiful, inspiring and full of flavour pictures. Sometimes it can be an interesting and challenging task to convey taste, freshness, and even smells through my camera and to make a viewer hungry for more.

I have a small studio at my home suitable for product and food photography, as well as portraits. There is also a pack of lighting and useful tools to go on location.

For portraits we can always do a studio shoot or go outside in a nice weather.

What can you find on my website?

Here you can find my English language blog with recipes, pictures and life moments, as well as a portfolio of my work, such as food photography, portraits and lifestyle. There also photography advice and lessons will be coming soon.

I‘m always open for new ideas, projects and collaboration! Let me know if you are interested!

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