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Hello, everyone!
My name is Eugena, I’m passionate about food photography, great food and beautiful pictures!
Do you love it as I do?

This is a first post in a new blog, to tell a bit about how it all started.
It’s been many years ago, when I started to learn how to cook, sadly only in my adult life. It was a very fun process with lots of mistakes and burns-and-cuts, meals going to the trash and so on! So I started a blog to share my experiences. I wrote it for 5 years, approximately, then gradually I emerged into Photography and Food Photography mostly, so that everything else took the second place.

Do you want to see how it all started?
Here are two pictures:
Left pic was one of my first experiments back home, right one was taken three years later, here in Stockholm.

What do you think? :))))

I’m planning to share in the blog some of the recipes that I still cook, tips and hint on photography and Food photography, and of course there will be a lot of pictures! Welcome!

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